Iran tour packages 2022

Visiting Iran for Torism? Look at our tours packages.

In addition to the legendary hospitality of the Iranian people, a thousand-year-old culture and traditions await those who are brave enough to look beyond the clichés and the advertisements.

There is a wide range of trips available from RentalIR to famous Iranian attractions including Isfahan, known for its beautiful historic architecture and magnificent Persian gardens; Pasargadae and Persepolis, two ancient cities of the Achaemenid Empire that rank among the world's greatest antiquities; and Yazd, famous for its Zoroastrian fire temples, Persian handicrafts and its tasty confections.

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I am Malihe, a girl who loves travel and travelers around the world through adventures and get new experiences with knowing about different people, learning cultures and watch everything from a different viewpoint. I have traveled to many cities of Iran and I have read alot of books about History of Iran so I can help you with knowing Iran better :)



Amir Soltani