Tehran's Public Transportation

Tehran's Public Transportation

All you need to know about Tehran's public transportation. (ubber in Tehran, taxi, Tehran metro, BRT, private vehicle, Tehran's congestion zone plans and rush hours and traffic)

Here, we're going to briefly introduce you to a handy description of different modes of transport in Tehran for your convenience.

Tehran's Taxi

You can hire a taxi via either of these ways:

  1. You can use shared taxies whose routes are fixed or semi-fixed, and they depart when all their seats are filled. However, the fare is cheap.
  2. You can call for a private taxi by a few taps on online platforms such as Uber services. This mode is our suggestion for you. Below, we describe Iran’s Uber.

Snapp instead of Ubber in Tehran

Uber in Tehran? Yes, of course.

Snapp is as good as Uber in Tehran. It is the first and largest transportation network company for hiring a private taxi at a reasonable price.

The price range is variable between 0.5$ and 2.5$ (payable in cash or by credit cards) depending on the congestion and the distance.

Tehran metro

Tehran's metro is the cheapest in the world and the most extended one in the middle east.

There are 7 lines' services of Tehran subway working from 5:30 a.m till 10:30 p.m.

To see large image for tehran metro map, click on the image.

Tehran's BRT(Bus Rapid Transit)

Don't worry about the traffic and the low speed; BRT buses take you to your destination with convenience since they benefit from an especial route to facilitate the motor traffic in Tehran.

If you want a cheap and safe transit at nights, these buses are highly recommended.

Yet, all lines except line 6 are active 24*7.

To mention a disadvantage, too much-crowded buses at peak hours must be said.

We also should tell you that there are local bus transportation services widely in all neighborhoods of the city as well.

A Private Vehicle

Consider these notes about a private vehicle:

You can rent a car in Iran. The price starts at 30$ per day for middle-class cars to 150$ per day for luxurious ones.

The gasoline price in Iran is 0.13$ for one litter ( not the fuel quota price)

Tehran's Congestion Zone Plans

The photo opposite shows the plans zone. The red zone shows the Congestion Plan and the blue one is the zone for "Air Pollution Plan". All vehicles are allowed to enter the "Air Pollution Plan" 20 days during each season for free.

Click on the image to see the congestion zones in Google maps:

Entering the Congestion zone requires a license that can be provided via municipality by enrolling at " my.tehran.ir"

You can charge your account and by buying the license, you have the permit to drive in congestion plan zones.

Both plans start at 6:30 a.m and continue till 7 p.m.

Note: Hybrid vehicles can transit freely if the driver acquires the essential license.

Rush Hours and Traffic

During peak hours, many regions at the Tehran Metropolis have heavy traffic both inside congestion zones and outside of it.

Rush hours in the morning begin between 6:30 to 9:30 and in the evenings start from 5:30 to 8:30.

Bear in mind that experience has shown that spending too much time on commute causes distress and dissatisfaction. We highly recommend you to locate your place near your workplace.

We wish you all the best with your transportation experience!