Living in Tehran: A Comprehensive Guide to Where to Live in Tehran.

Living in Tehran: A Comprehensive Guide to Where to Live in Tehran.

Living in Tehran: In this comprehensive guide, we have covered the best neighborhoods in Tehran. Find the best one for yourself. Compare price, weather, and air pollution in different areas.

Whatsoever your situation is, finding a living place in the right neighbourhood in Tehran eases your next steps for a stress-free experience. In this comprehensive guide, we have covered the best neighborhoods. Also, we have covered factors you need to consider before choosing your neighborhood.

So, be with us. Let us show you through :)

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Brief about living in Tehran, Iran

Tehran is the capital of Iran. It's the most crowded city in the country. By daytime, more than 12 million people pass through the city. By night, the number reaches to approximately 8.5 million people. Many people from suburbs or nearby cities have daily trips to their workplaces, and that is the reason why there are still many people by night. Tehran overall has a pleasant climate

Looking at its Geography, it is at the base of the Alborz mountain chain. The precipitation in winter is notable. Based on the last administrative divisions, there are 22 districts where neighborhoods are found. Iran is rather a safe country. Iran is the only country that forces women for a compulsory hijab, but this is not a big deal in northern parts of Tehran. Also, hijab restrictions on foreigners' hijab are mitigated. The good news is the cost of monthly eating: the price is very affordable. There are thousands of restaurants and coffee shops serving high-quality foods and drinks. Food will be the least you would have worries about!! :)

Where to live in Iran: best neighborhoods in Tehran.

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Know the factors impacting your stay well, then decide.

Factor no.1 : Population Density

Just like elsewhere, some of Tehran's neighborhoods are more crowded than others. Due to expensive properties and higher costs of living, people have to choose cheaper options. Therefore, the population in some neighborhoods is very dense. It's notable to say that Tehran is one of the most expensive cities in terms of property prices. In southern areas or suburbs, the cost of properties is remarkably lower; therefore, Population density is higher compared to the northern areas. In general, Tehran's population density and the price of properties go hand in hand. If the neighborhood is more invaluable and higher in price, it will be much less crowded. An important point about parking lots must be said. Since northern districts are less populated, finding a place to park your car is very easier compared to other neighborhoods.

Factor no.2 : Budget

Definitely what is the most important matter is how much are you prepared to pay? Factors such as how big the house is and the identity of the building impact the price range. The price difference between properties in the best neighborhoods and relatively lower-class ones is sometimes more than 15 times. This means that the price of a property in a high-class neighborhood can be 15× higher than a property in lower-class districts.

Factor no.3 : Distance

Also one of the most important factors. As we said earlier, because of the passage of numerous vehicles daily, some of the main streets and highways become very busy. During peak hours, there is a very heavy traffic jam. If your neighborhood is not properly chosen, you may have to spend at least 3 hours crapped in traffic as part of your journey to and from your workplace. Therefore, prioritizing distance is a must. Moreover, if you have a family and your children are students, take this factor seriously. For example, to send your children to a French-speaking school, your right neighborhood is Gheytarieh, or Darous. In gist, the distance between your living place and your work matters a lot. Be alert!

Factor no.4 : Climate

If you care about climate, the good news is for you. Tehran has a mild climate. It's though thanks to Alborz mountain chain. This chain covers the north of Tehran towards the east and the west. So, the mentioned places have a better quality climate comparing to the center or southern parts of the city. Picturesque greeneries and ancient tall trees are found in districts 1,2,3. Valiasr street is the most important and oldest main street in Tehran. In the past, it had been used by Iran's king, thus ornamented by many trees.

Also, in some areas, you will find streams and rivers adding one option more to their greenery. For instance, Elahieh's climate is far better than Jordan because of its river.

Factor no.5 : Culture

There is good news about Tehran or Iran in general. Until now, no report regarding cultural clashes with Iranians is not published. People of Tehran, like people of other cities, are very hospital and friendly. They can simply communicate with foreigners living in Iran. This is also one reason why tourists tend to come back again and again. But to consider the situation more realistically, we find it natural that in some neighborhoods the crime rate is higher and the class difference is observed.

Factor no. 6 : Welfare amenities

The distribution of welfare amenities is even in Tehran. Cultural and art centers, malls, sports, and recreational facilities are found a lot in the city. However, the service quality of each depends mainly on the neighborhood. Considering Jordan, for example, Water & Fire Park, Haghati Book Garden, and Melat Park surround Jordan altogether.

Factor no.7: transportation ( Uber)

Access to public transportation matters. Thanks to new technologies nowadays, the action between 2 different locations is only a call or an app. ...

Now we have discussed factors. If a pleasant climate is your priority, you enjoy high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, and your budget has no limitations, you can consider Elahieh, Zaferanieh, Mahmoudieh, Niavaran, and Darous. In these neighborhoods, you will find 5-star quality welfare amenities. The majority of embassies and foreign companies are in the mentioned neighborhoods.

If your budget is limited, and you still care about other factors, don't worry. residential areas in the northeast or northwest suit you. Farmanieh, Kamranieh are eastern. Shark Gharb and Sa'adat Abad are in the west.

If the climate is not a priority, and you prefer pursuing your busy modern lifestyle, we suggest District 3. However, the climate is still far better than in southern areas. Jordan, Pasdaran, Mollasadra can be named as appropriate neighborhoods.

According to immigrant comments from before 1997 ( Iran Revolution) onwards till now, districts 1,2, and 3 are ranked higher. They often met the requirements and factors of foreigners.

Here, we have provided you with a brief description of each neighbourhood.

Compare Best neighborhoods in Tehran to find your best place in Tehran

The comprehensive and summarised table of neighborhoods and Factors.

District Price of the same apartment Embassies Nearby Traffic Weather Metro stations Villa Offices Nearby Neighborhoods link
Elahiyeh $1800 12 normal clean 1 a few many Jordan, Zafaraniyeh, Tajrish, Fereshteh properties
Jordan $1000 8 normal normal 0 many many Elahiyeh, Fereshteh, Vanak, Molla Sadra, Mirdamad properties
Niavaran $1200 1 light clean 0 many avr Dezashib, Farmanieh, Ajudaniye, Kamranieh, Tajrish properties
Shahrak gharb $1150 5 light clean 1 many avr Saadat abad, Vanak properties
Zafaraniyeh $1600 8 normal clean 0 many many Elahiyeh, Fereshteh, Mahmoodiyeh properties
Velenjak $1500 3 normal clean 0 many avr Darakeh, Evin, Mahmoodiyeh, Saadat abad properties
Kamranieh $1300 1 normal normal 0 a few avr Aqdasiyeh, Dezashib, Farmanieh, Niavaran properties
Darrous $1400 6 light clean 0 many a few Qeytarieh, Pasdaran properties
Mirdamad $900 0 normal normal 1 many many Jordan, Vanak properties
Molla Sadra $900 0 normal normal 0 a few many Jordan, Vanak properties
Vanak $1000 2 normal normal 0 a few many Gandhi, Jordan, Mirdamad, Molla Sadra, Shahrak gharb properties
Qeytarieh $1250 3 normal clean 1 many many Ajudaniye, Darrous, Dezashib, Farmanieh properties
Ajudaniye $1500 0 normal normal 0 a few a few Qeytarieh, Niavaran properties
Pasdaran $1250 3 normal normal 0 a few avr Aqdasiyeh, Darrous properties
Aqdasiyeh $1450 3 normal normal 0 many a few Kamranieh, Pasdaran properties
Dezashib $1500 0 normal normal 0 a few avr Niavaran, Kamranieh, Qeytarieh properties
Saadat abad $1100 1 normal clean 0 a few many Shahrak gharb, Velenjak properties
Mahmoodiyeh $1400 1 normal normal 0 a few a few Zafaraniyeh, Velenjak properties
Farmanieh $1600 6 normal normal 0 a few many Qeytarieh, Kamranieh, Niavaran properties
Dibaji $1200 0 light normal 0 a few a few properties
Tajrish $1100 0 normal clean 1 a few avr Elahiyeh, Niavaran properties
Argentina $700 2 normal polluted 0 a few many Gandhi properties
Park way $1500 0 normal normal 0 a many a few properties
Darakeh $750 0 light clean 0 many a few Evin, Velenjak properties
Evin $800 0 light clean 0 many a few Darakeh, Velenjak properties
Abbas abad $1200 0 normal polluted 0 a few a many properties
Gandhi $800 0 normal polluted 0 a few avr Argentina, Vanak properties
Gisha $1000 0 normal normal 0 a few a few properties
Chitgar $1100 0 light clean 0 a few a few properties
Lavasan $1100 0 light clean 0 a many a few properties
Ozgol $1300 0 light clean 0 a many a few properties
Yousef Abad $1500 0 normal normal 0 a few a many properties
Khajeh Abdollah Ansari $1500 0 normal normal 0 a few a few properties
Ashrafi esfahani $1100 0 normal normal 0 a few a many properties
Punak $1500 0 normal normal 0 a few a few properties
Shahrake golestan $2500 0 light normal 0 a few a few properties
Taleqani $1000 0 normal normal 0 a few a many properties
Jannat abad $1500 0 normal normal 0 a few a few properties
Rudehen $1500 0 light clean 0 a many a few properties
Kordan $1500 0 light clean 0 a many a few properties
Mohammad Shahr $1500 0 light clean 0 a many a few properties