Tour in Tehran

Tour in Tehran

Tour in Tehran- history and entertainment


Tehran is the biggest city in Iran and it is the capital of this country which is named the city of museums as you can get familiar with the history of Iran by visiting several unique museums of this modern city.

so, if you are interested in observing the beating heart of Iran’s metropolitan capital, the Tehran city
tour allow experiencing the Tehran local lifestyle, besides visiting the traditional and modern, nature
and culture attractions of the city.

Tour Highlights

  1. Meet Iranian people that are generous of heart, incredibly warm and welcoming
  2. Wander through the old bazaar of Tehran
  3. Exploring amazing museums of Tehran like National Museum of Iran and the Carpet Museum
  4. Exploring wonderful palace such as Golestan, Niavaran and Sa'dabad Palace
  5. Visiting 2 symbols of Tehran Azadi Tower and Tabiat Bridge

Day One in Tehran

We can start the first day of exploration by visiting Old Tehran, the Grand Bazaar, and, its

We will visit the most magnificent royal palaces of Tehran Golestan Palace Complex (A UNESCO World Heritage), with glorious buildings, and an amazing garden.

Continue the adventure by walking around the historical Bazaar of Tehran, where you can see
the heart of the Iran market.

We recommend you to eat Dizi at Bazar which doubtlessly is one of the most delicious and
traditional Iranian dishes.

In the afternoon, you will visit the National Museum of Iran, where you could walk through the great history of Iran.

Another wonderful place in Tehran that you shouldn't miss is the Carpet Museum, which is the best place to learn about the Persian Carpet and its fascinating history of art and skill.

Then we will go to the National Jewelry Museum of Iran. For our last attraction, we visit Sardar-e Baghe Meli that was the symbol of Tehran before Azadi Tower.

If we have time, we will go to visit the Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran (Abgineh Museum) where you can see precious ceramic and glass works.

And at the end of the day If you are interested in street food, we recommend you go to 30-Tir street for dinner and eat the best kebab and Ash there.

Day two in Tehran

Niavaran complex that include some Palace such as Niavaran Palace, Sahebgharani Palace, Ahmad Shad Palace that was constructed by the order of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in the middle of the 20th century. The original purpose of building the main palace was to host royal gatherings.

The design of this complex is a mix of Persian architecture and pre and post-Islamic architecture.

we can go to Darband mountainous recreational site where you can go hiking there and have food in one of the traditional restaurants.

Then we go to Sa'dabad complex located near Darband and contains 18 palaces which was a residing
area for the Royal families of Qajar and Pahlavi Dynasties.

you can visit spring, aqueduct, gardens, a greenhouse, a river, and streets full of trees and flowers.

The main buildings are Green Palace, White Palace, and Farshchian museum that presents the precious collection of Persian paintings.

Day three in Tehran

Today we will go the Azadi Tower that formerly known as the Shahyad Tower is a monument located on Azadi Square in Tehran, Iran. It is one of the landmarks of Tehran.

Then we will go to the Modern Parts of the city, to visit one of the modern symbols of this populous metropolitan, Tabiat Bridge. This bridge connects Abo Atash and Taleghani parks.

There are a lot of restaurant and coffee shop, a beautiful green space on either side of the sidewalk, so you can have lunch there.

At night, you can go to a Modern Shopping Center like Palladium or Arg and enjoy the nightlife in Tehran.

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