Budget Friendly Tour of Iran - 10 Days

Budget Friendly Tour of Iran - 10 Days

Budget Friendly Tour of Iran - 10 Days


Iran Classical Tour; a 10-day tour of Iran, is a short and affordable trip to experience Iran the amazing lands of hospitality. In this tour, we focused on the topmost important sights that include major UNESCO world heritage sites in some cities that consist of Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz. 

Tour Highlights

  • Meet Iranian people that are generous of heart, incredibly warm and welcoming
  • Wander through the bazaar in Kashan
  • Exploring amazing Imam Square and its mosques in Isfahan
  • Visit Yazd, the city of Zoroastrians
  • Visit Nasir Al Molk Mosque (or the Pink Mosque) in Shiraz
  • Exploring Persepolis, home of Darius the Great

Iran Classical Tour Itinerary

Day 1, Tehran

After arriving at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) in Tehran, you will be warmly welcomed and picked up from the airport by our representative then you will transfer to the hotel for check-in and rest for the day.

Day2, Tehran 

You will spend a full day visiting the most famous Tehran attractions.

We can start by visiting one of the most magnificent royal palaces of Tehran Golestan Palace 
Complex (A UNESCO World Heritage), with glorious buildings, and an amazing garden.

Continue the adventure by walking around the historical Bazaar of Tehran, where you can see the heart of the Iran market.

We recommend you to eat Dizi at Bazar which doubtlessly is one of the most delicious and traditional Iranian dishes.

In the afternoon, you will visit the National Museum of Iran, where you could walk through the great history of Iran.

Another wonderful place in Tehran that you shouldn't miss is the Carpet Museum, which is the best place to learn about the Persian Carpet and its fascinating history of art and skill.

Day3, Kashan

We will hit the road toward Qom city, we can visit Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake that is natural mirror in spring. 

The salty lakes are precious areas in deserts, as apart from their pure natural beauty, it’s proved that the sea salt has numerous undeniable advantages for body then continue the road toward Kashan, a town is known for its carpets, handwoven textiles 
,ceramic production and rosewater, and also famous for historical Bazar and houses.

We will visit the famous UNESCO site, Persian Garden which is called Fin Garden. It is sointeresting to find out that the fountains were naturally pumped which makes the site more of a masterpiece.

exploring the original Iranian houses such as Tabatabaei and Borujerdi House The harmonic architecture and unique design of these houses take you to the old Kashan, where famous 
merchants were conquering the silk road.

Your hotel in Kashan is prepared for you to rest. 

Day 4, kashan

we will visit amazing Agha Bozorg Mosque.and also Sultan Amir Ahmad traditional Bathhouse. Afterwards, we will visit the bazaar area, a widespread complex filled with hammams and 
mosques and amazing Timches. 

*Bicycle and paraglider tour is available in kashan if you want. 

Day5, Isfahan

We will be heading toward Esfahan a historic city in central Iran. Isfahan is famous for its Perso–Islamic architecture, covered bridges, palaces, tiled mosques, minarets and also handicrafts, such as silverware, copper work. The fame of Isfahan led to the Persian proverb "Esfahān nesf-e- jahān ast": Isfahan is half of the world.

you can start your adventure in Isfahan by visiting Naqsh-e Jahan Square including Imam (Shah) Mosque which is a masterpiece in architecture that was built during the Safavid period.

Ali Qapu Palace built for Shah Abbas in the late 16th century, the royal building with plaster carvings shaped like musical instruments.

then we will visit Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque,that is considered to be the most beautiful mosques in Iran. 

You’ll end your day by visiting the Qeisarieh Bazaar.you can find hundreds of local vendors that specialize in traditional arts, it’s a wonderful place to shop for enamel, pottery, jewelry.

Day6, Isfahan

Next day, you can visit a UNESCO site, Chehel Sotoun Palace, a pavilion in the middle of a Persian Garden with wooden pillars in front of a reflecting pool .this graceful pavilion was built by Shah Abbas II in the 11th century.

we will visit some historical bridges like Khaju and Si-o-se-pol that span Zayandeh River.You have the chance to find a man or a group of men singing under the bridge.

then you will get to the Armenian Jolfa neighborhood and visit  the Holy Vank Cathedral with its colorful wall paintings, and unique architecture.

Day7, Yazd

Yazd is a UNESCO registered city. The oldest adobe city in the world that dates back to the Sassanian Period.

Yazd is also the center of Iran’s Zoroastrian community, which is where Our exploration will begin.

we will visit Towers of Silence and the Fire Temple with an eternal thousand-years-burning fire that you can understand better this ancient religion.

You can continue your day by visiting the Amir Chakhmaq complex.

Don't miss the Masjed Jameh street and Jameh Mosque of Yazd, where you can see the tallest minaret in Iran.

Day8, Shiraz 

Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature, and flowers. 

It is also famed for its fine gardens, and Eram is arguably the model par excellence. 

But before getting to the city, the tomb of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae is something not to be missed on the road. 

The morning is the best time to visit Nasir-ol-Molk, the Pink Mosque. The colorful lights are magical, and the pink tiles will make you fall in love.so dont forget bring your camera because this time of the day is your best chance to take beautiful shots of your Iran journey. 

Continue your exploration in Shiraz at the beautiful orange-scented Narenjestan Garden, which dates 
back to the 19th century during the Qajar Dynasty. 

we will go to the heart of the Zandie dynasty by visiting the Karim Khan Citadel and Vakil Complex next, it consists of Vakil Bazaar, Traditional Vakil Bathhouse (hammam), and the amazing Vakil Mosque.

Finally, you can visit the marble Tomb of Hafez and the lovely garden-tomb of Sa’di, two of our most outstanding poets to feel the taste of Persian Literature.

when you are at his mausoleum Do not forget to try one Fal-e Hafez (divination with the odes of Hafez)for yourself.

Don't forget to have the traditional Shirazi dessert Faloodeh 

Day9: Shiraz

The next morning You will experience a great day in the wonderful capital of the Achaemenid Empire, Persepolis Complex, Naqsh-e Rostam,Pasargadae,that is UNESCO listed world heritage site. yea We saved the best for last.

This surreal visit of ancient wonders ends, and you will get to Tehran.

You will experience a great day in the World Heritage Persepolis 

Day10, Tehran 

Our representative will transfer you to Imam Khomeini International Airport according to your flight  time.


Tour Difficulty Level Easy

Start City ● End City Tehran ● Tehran 

Group Size 
Min 2, Max 8 

10 Days 


Service Included:

Transport: minibus, train or flight 

Accommodation:  Top-rated budget hotels with breakfast Tour guide

Service Not Included:  Iran Visa

Iran Travel Insurance Entrance fees

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